I’m Xenni, a Villainous Transgender, Genderqueer, Demi-Omniromantic Asexual from England. I’m also Autistic and have ADHD, Emotionally Unstable/Borderline Personality Disorder and Wheat Intolerance.

You’re what?

  • Transgender – I am not the gender I was assigned at birth.
  • Genderqueer – I don’t fit in the binary perception of gender.
  • Demiromantic – I need a strong bond with a person before feeling any sort of romantic attraction.
  • Omniromantic – I don’t really care what gender you are, though I do prefer femme presenting folk.
  • Asexual – I don’t feel sexual attraction.
  • Autistic – Yup. Here’s a link if you want more information.
  • ADHD – Basically I have the attention span of a Gnat and struggle to do much that doesn’t keep my attention. Also my mind rarely stops. Also I get super bored super easily.
  • Emotionally Unstable/Borderline Personality Disorder – This is a recent one, still trying to understand all the stuff behind it. Basically, I’m paranoid as fuck about people, my emotions are rarely at anything that isn’t an extreme, and my moods change quickly. Here’s some reading.


Yup, most villains are queer-coded. I’m a villain. I will happily think of nefarious schemes to obliterate and destroy the haters.

So what is this?

This is my place, my blog. Anything I get bored enough to write about ends up on here – and you’re welcome here as long as you’re not a hater.

So who are the haters?

Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminists, Gender Criticals, Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminists, bigots, most conservatives. Basically, if you’ve come here to slag me or my queerlings off, you’re a hater.

Isn’t queer a hate word?

No. At all. It’s been in use as long as “gay” has. I openly use it and will throw it around happily. If you’re upset by me using this word, then understand I do it from a position of empowerment. If you don’t want me to use it for you, then I won’t.

OK, but aren’t you being a hater by hating on those groups?

The paradox of tolerance is that you must be intolerant of intolerance. If you tolerate intolerance then they will grow, and override you until they are the only voice that can be heard. I will show love and compassion where I can. I will show no mercy where I can’t.

My question isn’t here…

Then ask it.