I decided that after several hours browsing some LPs, I’d have a crack at doing my own. I’ve always enjoyed setting my own challenges on the Pokémon games, and I love my ghosties, so I thought I’d try a Hex Maniac Challenge and document it in the style of a Let’s Play.

The rules are simple, I can only use pokémon a Hex Maniac can be seen using – this includes using a ghost as my starter. Under this rule, I’m allowed to use all Ghost and Psychic-type pokémon, Reliclanth, Dustox and Swalot; so I’m going to restrict it further and say Ghost types only because otherwise, I reckon I could clean up with Gengar and Alakazam.

I’ll be playing Pokémon X, on my CFW o3DS. The only “cheat” I will be using is to occasionally modify my pokémon. I’ll be starting with a randomly generated and online-legal Gastly at Level 5. Any trade-evolution pokémon I obtain will be evolved at Level 40. I will occasionally add an extra ghost-type pokémon to my team with randomly generated stats. And finally, I may cheat and teach them the occasional move they shouldn’t know – like Surf or Fly.

So with those rules set, let the adventure begin!

Prologue – The Setup

Suave looking bugger ain’t he?

As always, we’re greeted by the local friendly Professor who this time looks like he lost a fight with a stylist – and of course, “are you a boy or a girl?”

The options… let’s face it, the girl is so much cuter.

Let’s go with the girl, she’s cute. Sadly, there’s no way I can change the character model to be that of a hex maniac, so we’re stuck now with these options…

Why does light skin mean light hair and dark skin mean dark hair?

The first option probably works better, we can look like we’ve been spooked a few too many times.

blah blah blah… Seriously though did a Lickitung do your hair?
A bright light coming from an archway, ominous.

Let’s crack on then! We get woken up by an angry Fledgeling pecking at us. I don’t think much of this overly pink colour scheme…

That’s a monster of a telly, and who keeps their WiiU in the middle of the floor?
Sadly, I couldn’t find a modification to make it all spooky.

Bright pink PJs, given the room, I shouldn’t be surprised. Let’s get changed, shall we?

Let’s be honest here, trans girls and thigh highs. It will happen.

Intro sequence and awkward third-person talking complete, let’s go do this!

Episode 1 – A Hexing Challenge.

*Yawn* Stupid bird. Why does mom always send Pecky to wake me up at random times?
Mooom! what’s the deal!?
“We just moved here and you’re already tired? Go outside, meet some kids your age and try and be normal for once!”
Rude. Fine. It’s a lovely night anyway it seems.
“That’s exactly what I mean… You slept all day again!”

So I head outside, close the door behind me and…

Pretty sure that’s a Gothitelle top. I have a mighty need…

I’m met by these two. Calem and Shauna. Who were oddly prompt in deciding to come and visit. Apparently, Prof Sycamore wants us all to go to the next city for something…

That surprise got blown quickly didn’t it? What if I told you I already have one? Hmm?

Ok while I would’ve preferred to play a Hex Manic, she is pretty cute.

A quick sprint later and I head into Aquacorde Town; 5 steps later and the voice of Shauna rings out across the way…

Not creepy at all. I mean… I knew that. *spookiness intensifies*

You realise it’s rude to talk about people behind their back, right? So. What did Prof Sycamore want with us? And who are these two?
“Tierno and Trevor. Tierno wants to be a dancer and Trevor is super smart!”
Good for them, I’m Mystica, not that you didn’t already know…
“We need a nickname for you! How about LargeM!”
“No way! Lil’M!”
Still no. Just call my Mys if you’re going to insist on this.

… Yes. So what about Prof Sycamore?
“oh! Here!”

Dear Children,

You’re now old enough to take part in the dominion and control of the creatures we call Pokémon. I have enclosed a selection of Pokémon for you to choose from that will assist you in your task. While obedient, you will need to train them further. Your objective will be to force them into combat against others so that they may grow stronger.

While you are doing this, please record all the pokémon you see on this “PokéDex” device. To get the full information it needs to scan the pokéball containing a captured pokémon. Thus you will need to capture at least one of each type of pokemon you find.

Good Luck.

Professor Sycamore

PS, Enclosed is a letter for your mother to explain to her what you’re doing. Do not read it.

I already have a pokémon, so I’ll stick with my Shadow.
“Your shadow isn’t a pokemon…”
I think you’ll find, she is.
“OK, well, I think on that note, we’d best go. C’mon guys! We gotta go tell our moms!”
Bye then.

Left to my thoughts for a moment, I got up and decided to go through with this crazy idea after all. Shadow seems to think it’s a good idea too.

I wasn’t kidding. I’m starting with a Gastly, and with randomised [but preferential] stats.
I need every advantage I can get… and yes, it’s shiny.

No sooner than I reached the gate of the town to head back to see Mom, Shauna appears suddenly full of confidence – and challenges me to a fight.

Confident, ain’t she.

Now Shadow and I have never actually fought before, so this will be interesting.

Panic, probably. Look at the eyes on that Froakie!

A very confusing and heated battle later…

Not once did that damn Froakie hit itself in confusion.

Damn, guess we need more practice.
“Nah, I’m just good!”
Technically, you had an attack with a base power rating of 40 that never missed, while my Shadows Lick only has a base attack rating of 30, and despite having used Confuse Ray on your Froakie, it remained focused. But yes, you’re just good.

Your mother sucks lollipops in hell.

Homeward bound then, another quick sprint down Route 1 and back into Vaniville Town to see Mother and inform her of this strange task I have been given.

Hi mom.

Hey mom, so I met the local kids, we’re friends now, we’re off on an adventure, you won’t see me for a while, and here’s a letter explaining it from that professor person.
“Ok honey you be good now” (as she reaches for the wine to celebrate)

Ever wonder if Rhyhorns act like dogs? Imagine playing fetch with a landslide on legs…

Did you ever do this, Mother?
“Yes, why do you think we have a Rhyhorn despite them not being local to this area? I used to race them you know!”
Sure, mom. Bye, oh and Shauna says she’ll see you in hell.

Until next time…