Episode 2 – New beginnings.

And so my journey begins, with my Shadow at my side, we should be near-unstoppable! I mean, how many ghosts do people ever actually see? Especially gaseous ones that I have to keep hidden when it’s windy… I have no idea where to go, so let’s see where the road takes us. Sprinting back up Route 1, catching my breath in the beautiful Aquacorde Town, I head down Route 2.

This is actually really pretty ūüėÄ
I actually quite like that all the routes are named. This one is “Advance”
Knew the peace wouldn’t last though.

Really… “You’re here? Why?”
“Calem is going to show us how to catch pok√©mon! His mom and dad are awesome trainers!”
“Do we have to? I’ve already discovered Shadow can’t lick a Pidgy, for some reason. I don’t really want to be catching more Pok√©mon and serving the one who uses a Goomy for hair styling products…”
Seems I’m receiving a tutorial anyway… at least Shauna seems suitably impressed at least… What’s the bet she ends up spending all her time with him? Calem tried playing it cool and gave us both some pok√©balls.

*heavy sighing*

A short walk and a couple Weedles later, I find myself in front of the Santalune Forest, and challenged by some kid called Austin with a Zigzagoon. Another damnable beast my Shadow can’t lick. She managed to beat it down, just. I believe we may need to do some additional training.

Yup… this is what it came down to. Confuse is absolutely pants this early.

A short amount of intense training later, and Shadow has learned a move she tells me is known as Psywave. [Authors note: yes I cheated to give Gastly this move. I genuinely didn’t expect it to be this hard.]

No more than two steps into the forest and Shauna appears, deciding to tag along with us through the forest. It’s almost like this one has no will of her own, and even better, she wants something exciting to happen. Between me and my Shadow, we could easily arrange that, or I could tell her about that shadow over there that seems to be watching us… Instead, we find the rest of the wonder squad ahead… Tierno gets in a fight, Trevor plays peekaboo and Calem just legs it. Straight past Youngster Joey… For some reason, I expected Rattata, not Scatterbug. He’s quickly dealt with, as are the next few trainers who decide to try and stop me for no good reason.

Another quite pretty area. Also, some of my screenshots vanished, boo!

Due to a slight navigational mistake, I took a wrong turning. Nothing major, you may think. However, a presence had been following us since our arrival in this forest, and it chose this moment to make its move. Startling Shauna, it bolted pass Shauna and through Shadow, almost knocking me over if I hadn’t managed to move quickly aside. Shadow being vexed by this, responded with a Lick. This went on for a few moments, the Phantump playing dead then shouting “TUMP!” at one point and scaring all 3 of us before realising it couldn’t beat us. As it started looking around for alternative options, I started an admittedly one-way conversation with it, after which it joined us for adventure.

Turning back along the right path, I quickly found the exit, though apparently, it’s hard to believe I was the first one. Given Tierno’s passion for dance and observing pok√©mon’s movements; Trevors desire to capture at least one of each species of Pok√©mon; Calem’s desire to live up to his parents legacy and Shauna’s complaining about wanting to catch a Pikachu – despite staying at my heel the entire time. We all walk off onto Route 3.

I actually want that pink Gothitelle top IRL..
Ouvert means “open[ed]” apparently, or a type of French Underwear…

Where, of course, they all start talking again about plans. It’s decided we should all take on the Gym Challenge, and first of such Gyms is Violet and our next destination. The city is right around the corner, so off we go.

Obligatory new location screenshot.

As I wander into the pok√©mon centre, Tierno comes in. I’m treated to a dance and a brief rundown of what’s here. For once, I’m actually told something useful. You’ve also got to admire his passion for dance. I have decided to heed his advice and headed into the back to acquire some potions for my journey. I think I recall seeing a clothing store next door too…

There’s one that I’d actually consider there…

Nuts. Just hats… I actually think I prefer the hat I’ve got for the moment.

Seriously, why is a GRASS pokémon the fountain?

This is a rather nice town mind, though the pokemon fountain in the town square is a little disturbing… I have no clue what that pok√©mon is, but I hope I never encounter it. Yet worse still…

Fortunately, there appears to be another exit that is unguarded. Away we go. Of course, there are people here who have bought into the whole “I saw you, now we fight!” methodology of things and they are quickly dispatched. None of them that interesting until this one…

Anyone else getting a creepy vibe here? And I don’t just mean from the ghosts.

I wonder if my dearest mother ever achieved anything like that… Onwards still we go, free of the league and the need to hurt these poor crea…

Onwards! …Why?

So rude.

Curses. I guess we have to do it anyway… back to the city we go to challenge this “Violet” person…

And so we finish with a new member of our team.