Episode 4 – Power Problems.

At least, freedom from this city. The so called guardian of this town defeated by my spooky shenanigans, lets get out of here. I believe the next city is the hub of this nation, Lumiose City. The strange woman blocking the exit decides to attempt to stop me…

Turns out, this woman is Alexa, Viola’s sister. That explains the photography, the forced perspective shots and the “encouragement” to go battle her. As a congratulations she hands me a strange device called an Experience Share. This device supposedly transmits the knowledge and experience of each battle to each pokémon I carry with me. I’ve no clue how it works, however, I’m told to simply turn it on and leave it in my bag. Shadow and Stumpy both seem puzzled. I’m sure they will inform me if it’s bad at all.

Parterre meaning Formal Garden. Personally I really like this route.

So it seems we’re in this for the long haul. May as well explore, see what sights are around and such. Shadow seems to think this is a good idea, and it’s how we met Stumpy after all and of course she’s all for travelling around.

Let’s do this. Let’s go beat the Pokémon League! Let’s take on all comers and show the world the power of Ghost type pokémon.

Mazes are fun. I couldn’t resist.

Someone mentioned that whenever a trainer locks eyes with you, a challenge is issued. Let’s see who waits for us here… A Corphish, Pidgey, Burmy with Protect…

How does protect work 8 out of 10 times?! 2 chains of 4!

Nothing but Protect apparently. Stumpy kept growing while the Burmy tried to protect itself. Eventually, Stumpy seemed to be waiting for an opening, and as soon as one presented itself, well I’ve never seen a tree move so fast.

This can’t end badly, can it?

A preschooler… with a cool pokémon. Why not, let’s humour them. A challenge is a challenge after all.

Not badly at all.

Oh dear… It appears they were misled. Perhaps later on it will become a mighty beast. For now, the challenge was issued and you can’t run from trainer battle…

Moving on…

Pearl Fountain. At least they have Water Pokémon this time.

Wonder how big a pearl would come out of a pokémon that size… Still, we’re nearly at Lumiose City so we should press on.

Of course, it can’t be simple can it.
“Yes, and I’ve seen one, I assume you’re wanting proof?”

I may be being overly literal here, but being sent a random letter on a whim is not “hand picked”

“You realise I’ve not even met him yet?”
“Wait, really?!”

Pushy much.

“Do I have a choice?”, I muttered as the two swept through the gate.

Welcome to the City of Light!

I walk through the gate and see the duo walk off to the left, knowing nothing of this city or where to find anything, it’s probably wise to follow, at least for now.

I have no comment for this one.

And by we, of course, you mean me. Under her watchful eye, I enter the building and greet the receptionist who informs me the Professor is upstairs on the 3rd Floor, and points to the most dangerous looking elevator I’ve ever seen. It’s a car clearly designed for a single person, nothing around it and just suspended from wires. I can clearly see the floors above through the hole… If this is the safety standard expected in his own building, I’m no longer surprised he’s sending children out on dangerous adventures with wild beasts at their side.

Did looking into the back of a Shedinja do that to your hair? No? Ok then.

“Sorry, and you are?”

At least he’s polite.

“The pleasures all yours, I’m sure. You’re aware of the chaos you’ve caused already, I assume?”

This doesn’t work in text I don’t think.

“I know what it is, it’s called sass, irritation and bemusement.”
Calem and Shauna turned up with perfect timing at this moment before I asked Shadow to see if she could lick his hair all the way up.

Doesn’t miss a beat this guy.

“Somehow I’m not surprised, though Shauna has already soundly kicked me butt before, I’ll not shy from a battle royale. Calem, Shauna, you ready for this?”

Wait what?

“… He did say all of us…”

I turn around and there’s a Bulbasaur trying to tackle Shadow… battle it is then.

“Well, that was easier than anticipated. I hope you’re satisfied now, oh floppy-haired one.”

Ghost types rule. what can I say?

“Because my pokémon follow me willingly instead of being forced into joining me and fighting? Because they fight to protect me and not for my amusement?”

Everyone else arrives at this point. Trevor seems to be drooling slightly and can’t help but praise Professor Sycamores work on studying pokémon evolution.

I wasn’t… But OK – hint taken.

Shadow seems intrigued at this, Stumpy seems worried. Now I’m curious as well.
“Shall we? Before the hair collapses and he needs to call a Joltik to fuzz his hair up again?”

This is where I was going to end Ep3 but it went on for a while longer than I thought.

As we left the building, there was an odd man in the lobby, I thought little more of it and began to make my exit.

Oh great… He’s here for us, isn’t he? She informs him we will be down in a moment.

“As you wish, as you know me, may I ask who you are?”

“Cutting straight to the point I see. Surely you don’t expect us to be instrumental in this beyond the whole being the next generation thing?”

This writing is worse than mine – and that’s saying something.

“Tatty bye then, love the hair by the way.”

Obligatory Middle Distance Stare and potential fourth wall break.

“And you’re talking to the middle-distance… You’re on odd one Lysander.”

Calem comes down while all this is happening, looks confused then asks me to meet him at a café down the road. Apparently he has something to tell me.

But first, now I’m free of my mothers clutches, lets find a stylist!

P3,000 later, and this is much better. Might grow it back out but this feels much better… Now for some clothing…


“Yes… That’s exactly why I’m here.”


I just left, there’s no need for me to entertain such rudeness… and to a child as well! I suppose I’d better find that Café Calem went to… Fortunately, he’s stood outside.

Inside we find Lysander talking loudly with someone Calem recognises as Diancie. This Lysander person has self-image issues, he’s obsessed with beauty…

“Bit of a dick ain’t he?”

Calem just shrugs, seems Diancie is capable of holding her own ground.

As Lysander leaves – grinning at us as he passes, Diancie approaches us, apparently fully aware of who we are. She used to be a trainer and is looking forward to battling us at some point in the future. She promptly leaves, and then Calem turns to me.

“So, that thing I asked you to come here for…”

“Yes… That’s why I’m here…”

Another one…

“If you like. We’ve just met but if you feel that’s how you’re going to get your kicks, I’m sure we can oblige.”

“Awesome! I won’t lose through, just so you know! I’ll see you in Camphiler Town!” – and away he runs.

I’ve a little sightseeing to do first…


Maybe not…