Or, A Rant about The State of the World…

CONTENT WARNING Covering a lot of topics here, that I recall I’ve hit on Racism, Transphobia/TERFs, hate-crimes

Rambling warning – This is pretty much a thought stream and some stuff I needed to vent. There is no TL;DR. You are warned.

If I am guilty of any of the deadly sins, then it will truly be Pride. I am loud of proud about what I am – and what I am is thus:

I am a Transgender, Genderqueer, Demi and Omni romantic Asexual goth.

While corporations jump on the bandwagon, painting rainbows everywhere, doing “their bit to support the LGBT community” to drive a few more quid in their pockets, I sit here reflecting…

Stonewall, the place it all began. If not for those queer queens, we could not even dream of being where we are today. Those riots, started by Trans WoC, carried out by LGBTQ and queer folk across New York are who we have to thank today for what we have. Then we look at the “riots” taking place today.

Nothing in history was achieved peacefully, it’s a sad fact. the 46th President-come-Dictator has – in essence – declared war on minorities, declared war on those who oppose him, and become a dictator. He’s making the mistakes Germany made all those years ago…

As a trans woman who is anti-racist, anti-fascist, and anti-hate, I can’t ever visit or even pass through the USA because apparently, I’m a terrorist. I ain’t even violent. I complain loudly online, challenge people with intolerant views and that’s about it. I can’t turn up to a protest without putting myself and others at risk because of health problems.

But that’s just that fight, while I will help fight it, while I will do all in my power to help, I cannot help lead it.

The fight I can help lead is the fight in the UK against Transphobia, a toxic view getting louder, and louder, and louder each passing day as the TERFs answer the whistles from Liz Truss and start to rise up, 4chan makes it’s usual threats to force queer folk into the ground.

Discrimination against trans folk is still prolific in the UK. The majority of job interviews I go too will invariably ask about “my journey” and probe about “how open [you] are about it?” because “[they’re] worried how [I] would react”. Then I won’t get the job. No matter how I respond, I will be ghosted or there will be someone better qualified.

I’m a barista by trade, for the record. I’ve worked in Costa and Starbucks, and done a bit in independents.

I called the last two out on ghosting me. It was frankly quite funny watching the excuses come out…

“Your availability is a problem!” – My availability was restricted weekends when applying for a Monday-to-Friday job.

“We aren’t able to give you the hours you were wanting and decided to go with someone else.” – So you’re not willing to drop me 10 hours with a view to work up to full time? Ok then.

That’s assuming I even get that far. I declare that I’m Trans on my application, I’m lucky to be seen. They find out at the interview? You can see them shrink with disappointment. Phone calls are even better… “Hi, can I speak to Xenni please?” “Yeah speaking! Can I ask who’s calling?” and their tone changes to one of absolute disappointment.

Could just be the Autism and paranoia working against me, but it’s happened too often and too frequently to be one-off or coincidence.

I get funny looks wherever I go… though that could party be to being goth, or wearing some seriously bright colours. Seriously, I have the brightest red rights with little black skulls in and they’re amazing. Always turn heads when I’m rocking them.

In brighter news, I celebrate 4 years on HRT this month. I only regret that I was so unsure for so long that I didn’t start it earlier.

There is far too much hate in the world today, and people will react to how they are treated. If you treat someone with violence, they will respond with violence. Riots are peaceful protests that are met with violence from Police.

I don’t even know where I’m going with this any more…

4chan is supposedly launching Operation Pridefall. They’re going to spread as much right wing stuff as they can, targeting corporation and making them question just what they’re supporting. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them infiltrating leftist spaces and causing trouble there, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them attempt to Doxx people. So many people I know are now taking measures to prevent doxxing. A Twitch Community I’m in is locking down on names, and is now a screen-name only place with follower only chat… The fight is never over, we cannot let the haters and the intolerant win.

To all my queers, and LGBTQIA friends, stay safe.

To all PoC, I stand with you.

To all Allies of the causes, now is your time to help. An ally is someone who can be relied on for aid, not someone who simply accepts someone. Silence is no longer golden. Silence is to be complicit with the oppressors.

Happy Pride Month.